Meet The Hens

Our Story

Red Hen Industries was hatched in 2019 by Head Hen, Danica Vallone. During her 14 years on set in Hollywood, she experienced firsthand the need for a single source of fabrication and design with an understanding of the business. Thus, with some inspiration from the fable of The Little Red Hen fable, she decided to do it herself.

Red Hen is the first female-owned and operated LBGTQ+ fabrication and design house of its kind and serves as a beacon for like-minded Hens. Our brood is baked with industry experts spanning immersive events, creative marketing, entertainment and film, and fabrication. With our empathic approach to client experience and full service capabilities, we grew exponentially amidst a global pandemic that nearly crippled the entertainment and events industries.

We are tastemakers and storytellers on a mission to cultivate experiences and environments that inspire, educate, and leave a lasting impact on our clients and their audiences, because we know firsthand what a properly sown seed in a story can do.

Danica Vallone

Head Hen

Crystal Claire

Operations Hen

Cheyla Price

Experience Hen

Demian Vallone

Maker Hen

Segan Friend

Graphic Hen

Roy Batty

Security Hen